Attorney Office Insurance

An attorney office handles a bevy of claims and lawsuits for clients. As an attorney, you represent an array of clients who come to you for legal advice, to help them out of a difficult situation, or to sue another party. To run a successful attorney office, you must have licensed and knowledgeable attorneys and know every aspect of the law. Unfortunately, this type of business also opens you up to a wide range of risks. As someone offering legal advice and representing others, you can in turn get into legal trouble in the process, along with risks associated with your office such as potential property damage, theft of clients’ personal files, and various legal ramifications. Protect these risks by purchasing attorney office insurance.
Attorney Office General Liability Insurance

The most basic and common of business insurance policies for an attorney office is general liability. If you get just one insurance policy, this should be it. General liability will offer completed operations, premises liability, and products liability. If someone is injured on your premises, or one of your attorneys is accused of libel or slander—these are the types of claims covered by general liability.
Attorney Office Errors and Omissions (Professional Liability Insurance)

Frequently called professional liability insurance, errors and omissions is vital when you run an attorney office. Every action you make in regards to client cases are open to legal ramifications. Protect your company and attorneys with an errors and omissions policy. A client who is unhappy with their case can turn around and sue you for damages; the professional liability policy protects you from these allegations.
Attorney Office Valuable Papers and Records Coverage

Another essential insurance policy for attorney offices is valuable papers and records coverage. Since your office contains hundreds of private and confidential files and paperwork, you need to protect them from possible damage or theft. If you have valuable papers and records insurance coverage, anything from a theft in your law office to a fire that destroys records, will be covered.
Attorney Office Property Insurance

An attorney’s office does much of their business from their office, which means your business property should have the best insurance available. Not only does property insurance give you insurance protection from loss or damage to valuable paperwork and records, but it also protects from other instances that may occur on your property, such as damage to your computer systems, electronic data and equipment.
Attorney Office Business Auto Insurance
If you have lawyers or other employees of your attorney office using vehicles for company use, they should be protected by business auto insurance. Anything from a vehicle accident, to the vandalism of your company vehicle and theft of client paperwork from the car will be covered by business auto insurance.
Attorney Office Workers Compensation

Running an attorney office requires staffing attorneys, administrative staff, paralegals, and other employees. Each of them is required by law to be protected by worker’s compensation insurance. Worker’s comp will cover any work-related injuries or illness, such as an employee who gets injured on a rickety staircase in your building. It also gives your law office protection from potential lawsuits.
These attorney office insurance policies will offer your law office the best protection available for a myriad of risk exposures. With proper protection, you can do a better job of helping others who are having legal difficulties.