Art and Picture Frame Store Insurance

Art and picture frame stores provide well-sought out services for customers who need custom framing. Whether it is for a child’s original work of art or a reproduction of a masterpiece, these stores provide custom-made framing to fit the sizing and specifications of each piece. If you’re a business owner of this type of store, you no doubt know that your store can house art and photos that are both sensitive in nature and sentimental to your client. That’s why you should offer your business optimum protection against property damage, theft or burglary, dishonest employee practices, and unexpected events. These risks and more exist when you operate this type of business, so obtaining the right kind of art and picture frame store insurance is essential.

Types of Art and Picture Frame Store Insurance

There are many different types of art and picture frame store insurance to choose from, each of which offers you a different range of coverage. The following policies will offer your business ultimate protection:

Art and Picture Frame Store General Liability Insurance

Of the various types of picture frame store insurance, general liability is perhaps the most standard and important. General liability will give your company coverage against accidents that might occur within your store and harm customers. Working in a framing store, there are many dangers that you should be aware of such as knives and scissors, and sharp objects. If a customer were to get harmed from any items in your store, you would be liable; however with general liability insurance, your store is covered.

Art and Picture Frame Store Business Owners Policy

Art and picture frame stores need optimum coverage due to the various risks associated with your business. Cover these risk exposures with a package policy, also known as a business owner’s policy (BOP). The BOP can be personalized with any coverages you want, including general liability, business property, and many other coverages.

Art and Picture Frame Store Property Insurance

Protect the property your art and picture frame store sits on with property insurance. Property insurance is extremely beneficial as it offers protections both inside and outside your establishment. For example, if there was an unexpected event such as a fire, windstorm, or other natural disaster, property insurance covers any items lost during the event.

Art and Picture Frame Store Commercial Auto Insurance

Since your art and picture frame store most likely makes deliveries or uses a company vehicle to pick up framing supplies, you should have commercial auto insurance. Art store insurance for your commercial vehicle covers any accidents, damage or thefts that occur while using the vehicle for business purposes.

Art and Picture Frame Store Workers’ Compensation

Most states require businesses to have workers compensation insurance for their employees, and art and picture frame stores are no exception. Keep in mind, you run a business with sharp and dangerous tools being used on a regular basis. If your employee was to cut themselves on a knife, worker’s compensation would protect your company from being liable and offer the employee medical coverage and payroll benefits until they can return to work.

Art and Picture Frame Store Crime Insurance

As an art and framing store, you no doubt have expensive works of art in your store. Protect your products, customer’s belongings, and business assets from theft or burglary with crime insurance. This is one of the most important insurance policies to possess as an art and picture frame store, and a decision that should be made sooner rather than later.

Many of the risks associated with an art and picture frame store can’t be avoided, but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your company. After spending your time and money on a business, obtaining the right kind of art and picture frame store insurance should be top priority.