Army Navy Surplus Store Insurance

Army and navy surplus stores sell everything military men and women need for their uniforms and daily necessities. This includes a wide range of clothing and boots, as well as field equipment like cook stoves, tents, cooking utensils and ware, and outdoor gear. Military enthusiasts also frequent surplus stores, so many such stores sell novelty items as well.

Types of Army Navy Surplus Store Insurance

There are many different types of army navy surplus store insurance policies to choose from. The following insurance types are the most common and ones you should consider:

Army Navy Surplus Store General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance includes three coverages for your surplus store: premises liability, product liability and completed operations. If you have a customer visit your army navy surplus store after it has been raining, and she slips and falls when first walking in, any resulting injuries are your responsibility. Premises liability covers these types of injuries. You may also provide custom work at your surplus store, such as making custom sizes of clothing or personalizing equipment. If, following the service provided, the item causes loss or injury for your customer, you become liable. General liability includes completed operations for such incidents. Product liability is also part of general liability. If any loss, damage or injury is caused as a result of your products, product liability will cover the legal and medical costs.

Army Navy Surplus Store Commercial Auto Insurance

If you provide delivery services or use your own vehicle for errands like meeting your novelty item vendors or going to a financial institution for business, you should have business auto insurance. This is a commercial auto policy including whatever level of coverage you choose. It typically covers damage to your vehicle, other vehicles and any bodily injury as a result of an auto accident. You can also choose to add additional coverage like theft and vandalism.

Army Navy Surplus Store Business Property Insurance

Your army navy surplus store is at risk for damage from a number of events. If you are in an area prone to heavy rain or snow, earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes, you may experience significant damage. Business property insurance helps cover some of these cots, including repairing the store and replacing merchandise that was destroyed. Some of your clothing and equipment is flammable, increasing the risk of fire damage.

Army Navy Surplus Store Cyber Liability Insurance

If you run an online store selling army and navy surplus equipment, you need cyber liability insurance as well. This is the best protection available for cyber crimes, other than taking proper security precautions. That is, you should also be taking steps to protect your website from cyber attacks, but this isn’t always 100 percent effective. To be safe, get cyber liability insurance to cover any loss or damage caused by these crimes and attacks.

Army Navy Surplus Store Workers’ Compensation

Your employees also need insurance coverage in the form of workers’ compensation. Workers’ comp covers any medical costs associated with work-related injuries or illnesses. Much of the equipment in your store is heavy, bulky and awkward to move. This puts employees at risk for potential back injuries, or leg injuries if they fall off a ladder in the warehouse. There are many risks involved with working in this type of store, and workers’ comp is required in most states.

Army Navy Surplus Store Crime Insurance

You are at risk for crimes aside from cyber attacks. Retail stores in general are at risk for theft, shoplifting and vandalism, but even more so for army and navy surplus stores. There is a high risk of vandalism or theft of products from your store, so it is best to protect yourself. After being sure you have a secure store with surveillance equipment and deadbolt locks, get a crime insurance policy.

Choose from these business insurance policies for your army navy surplus store. By getting the right kinds of army navy surplus store insurance, you protect yourself from the many unforeseen events you are at risk for.