A Guide to Wearing Motorcycle Gear for Safety

Motorcycle Gear Safety Guide

It’s really a no-brainer whether you choose motorcycle gear that is stylish or that will let you walk away from an accident. Sure, safety gear can’t always prevent a crash, but it can definitely protect you from serious injuries if something does happen. This is only if you make smart choices when buying protective gear. Let this list of motorcycle gear for safety be your guide.

  1. Rain Suits

If you enjoy riding frequently, a waterproof riding suit is a must have. You’ll be more comfortable and alert when you are dry than when you are cold and wet.

  1. Helmet

Motorcycle helmets that are Department of Transportation-certified are recommended. In fact, over 37 percent of fatal injuries were prevented in riders because they wore helmets.

  1. Face Protection

If you have ever been hit in the face by an insect or stone while riding, you clearly know the benefits of having face protection. Prescription eyeglasses and windshields don’t give you enough protection.

Insects, pebbles and wind can blow behind your windshield and even though you can protect your eyes with shatterproof lensed eyeglasses, they don’t seal the wind out and you end up with watery eyes which can be a visual distraction. Having a full face shield or helmet with full-face coverage can be very effective at shielding out face injury-related objects.

  1. Gloves

Gloves are great for temperature insulation and protecting your hands from debris, however, they can also prevent hand injuries as well. During a crash, by instinct you use your hands to break your fall. When you wear gloves, you can actually reduce your chances of suffering hand injuries by up to 45 percent and open wounds by 73 percent.

  1. Jackets, Suits and Pants

It’s no fun breaking bones, losing skin or damaging organs. Sadly, this happens a lot with motorcycle riders when they crash. By wearing jackets, suits and pants, you can reduce your risk of these types of injuries and protect yourself better. Stronger and thicker leather or heavier materials will provide you with the best protection in the event of a crash.

Your first step in safety when you are out riding your motorcycle is wearing the right kind of safety gear. When choosing your motorcycle safety gear, think about where you plan on riding, what kind of riding you plan on doing and the forecasted weather conditions. Before even taking your first road trip on your motorcycle, though, be sure you are covered with motorcycle insurance.

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