8 Useful Car Technology Add-Ons to Reduce Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of deaths in the United States, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But many accidents can be prevented by using modern technology. Technological advancements, such as emergency response, alert systems, smart technology for headlights, can give you advanced warning when you are showing habits that might raise your risk for a vehicle accident. The following add-ons can be very useful in reducing car accidents, not only for yourself, but your employees as well.

1) Emergency response systems – Installing an emergency response system may not reduce the chance of getting in a motor vehicle accident, but it may help reduce the severity of injury. An emergency response system is a wireless device installed in your car that will alert 911 of the collision so that emergency personnel arrive on the scene speedily.

2) Collision mitigating systems – Another great form of technology for your business motor vehicle is a collision mitigating system. This uses advanced tracking technology to notify you when you’re in danger of a collision and can control your car with active braking and cruise control to minimize injuries.

3) Drowsy driver alert systems – A drowsy driver alert system will monitor the way your car is handled and can alert you if you’re driving in a way that shows drowsiness, such as swerving and having inconsistent speeds.

4) Smart auto headlights – Smart technology has now created a car add-on to control your headlights. Smart auto headlights will adjust the intensity of your headlights according to the distance of traffic; this reduces your glare and improves how well you see at night.

5) Lane departure warning systems – Another warning system that can be installed in your business vehicles is a lane departure warning system. This will track your vehicle’s position and alert you if your vehicle goes outside the lane.

6) Rear object detection systems – If you or one of your employees has difficulties backing up due to not knowing distance between the car and other objects, a rear object detection system will be beneficial. This system warns you when you’re too close to an object to help you back up and parallel park without getting into a collision.

7) Blind spot warning systems – A blind spot warning system is similar to other alert systems you can add to your vehicle. This warning device sends an alert if cars or objects are in your blind spot so that when changing lanes, you don’t hit them.

8) Vehicle stability control – Finally, there is the vehicle stability control. This add-on is going to help you return your vehicle to where other vehicles are traveling, such as during extreme weather conditions when your vehicle might go out of the right lane, or when you underestimate a turn.

By incorporating these useful car technology add-ons, you can utilize modern technology for reducing and preventing motor vehicle accidents, which in turn can help reduce business auto insurance claims.