7 Winter Home Staging Tips

7 Winter Home Staging Tips

If you are selling your home this winter, there are some staging tips you should follow to ensure you sell your home quickly and at top dollar. You can get away with things like snow piles and barren trees, however, other things can actually ruin your chances of that quick sale. Below are 7 tips to help show your home in winter.

  1. Heat Your Home Evenly

Ensure your home’s rooms are all heated evenly. If you notice that one room is cooler than the others, this could appear to the buyer as if your home’s heating system lacks efficiency or has problems.

  1. Add a Warm Touch to Every Room

Toss a colorful quilt on the end of your bed or drape a throw over an armchair. Even an area rug filled with warm colors can add that little something to a room which can enhance the potential buyer’s feelings on your home.

  1. Clear Sidewalks and Paths

Keep your paths, driveway and sidewalks clear of snow, particularly during a snowfall. Scrape the walk when the temperature is low since footprints can easily turn to ice. Throw down salt or sand on your steps, walk and sidewalk to avoid accidental slips and falls. Clear a path from the sidewalk up the path leading to your front door so potential buyers don’t have to trudge through snowbanks to get to your home.

  1. Light up Your Home

It’s important that your home is bright and light. During the winter, the hours during the day are shorter which can make your house feel dark. Turn on a light in every room or open up your curtains and drapes to make your home feel bright.

  1. Be Sensitive with Decorating

Even though you might have a certain tradition you like to carry out during the holidays, you still want to remain sensitive to others who might not have the same tradition or faith as you do. You should scale down huge manger scenes, big Santas and other noisy and big symbols or not use them at all.

  1. Add Summer Photos

Put up summer pictures of your yard, patio, deck or garden so potential buyers can see what your home looks like in the summer months.

  1. Highlight Winter Features

Highlight features of your home that your potential buyers would find useful during the winter. Things like a new furnace, attached garage or energy efficient windows should be highlighted.

Last, don’t forget about first impressions. Ensure your front door is freshly stained or painted and in good condition. You can add a bright wreath to your door or a welcoming doormat and potted plants to your walkway or porch. You can also offset bleak barren trees with winter-blooming shrubbery filled window boxes. It’s really the little things that can make a big difference when it comes to staging your home when you are selling it during the winter.

Once you sell your home and purchase a new one, be sure to acquire a new homeowners insurance policy that protects your new home and belongings.