6 Steps to Safeguard Your Business Vehicles

Successful businesses rely on the protection and security of their equipment, tools, and even their business vehicles. While you may have considered your risk exposures as a business, and done your best to obtain proper insurance for the vehicle, it’s also important to take extra measures in order to safeguard the vehicle being used for work-related tasks. By taking additional safety precautions, you are giving your business vehicles the best protection available, which will help your business security in the long run.

1) Lock all doors.
It should go without saying that locking your doors is the easiest and most effective way to protecting your business vehicle. Even when you don’t plan to be indoors or away from the vehicle for very long, the doors should remain locked. Your business vehicle most likely has expensive tools and supplies inside that need to be protected; your vehicle’s lock can be what saves you thousands of dollars in stolen goods.

2) Hide belongings.
If you are bringing mobile devices, electronic equipment, or other types of expensive belongings with you, be sure to keep them hidden. Of course it is always better to bring them with you when you’re away from your vehicle, but at the very least you should keep them from public view. Thieves are more inclined to break into a vehicle when can see what they are able to steal; avoid this from happening by hiding anything small enough to fit underneath seats or in the glove department.

3) Invest in an alarm system.
You may not be able to prevent theft from occurring, but you can deter thieves, or stop them in their tracks by having an alarm system in your business vehicle. If your vehicle didn’t come with one built in, consider investing in one. Additionally, your business auto insurance will often cost less when you have an alarm system.

4) Invest in a GPS tracking device. You may be using a GPS device for its map and driving directions, but some GPS devices can also be used to track your vehicle when it is not with you. If you have a GPS device with tracking capabilities installed in your vehicle and it goes missing, you will be able to track its location. Similar to the alarm system, you may notice your auto insurance rate decrease by having a GPS tracking system.

5) Be mindful of where you park. If you have control over where you park, aim for a populated area that is well lit. Car thieves are going to be more inclined to steal belongings or the car itself when they aren’t easily noticed. By parking in public view, you will have a greater chance of deterring them.

6) Consider VIN etching.
VIN etching is a method of engraving your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) onto various parts, windows, or windshields. Not only does this increase the chances of finding your stolen vehicle, but thieves are less likely to steal a car with VIN etching. They know they will lose profit because it is more difficult to sell a stolen car for parts when they’re etched with the vehicle’s VIN. By considering this option, you have a bigger chance of avoiding theft, or at least of police locating your car.


You have spent time, money, and energy on forming your business and obtaining a vehicle to be used for work-related reasons. By following these simple safeguarding rules, you can further protect your business vehicle and avoid financial burden as a result of theft or vandalism.  But even if you take these six steps to safeguard your business vehicles, add a seventh with business auto insurance.