5 Ways to Give Back to Your Community While Increasing Business

Community involvement has never been more important than now as businesses struggle to stand out from their competitors. No matter what type of business you run, becoming more involved in your community by giving back, donating your products and time, and participating in local events can prove valuable to your neighborhood. In turn, this will increase your potential sales and customer base as local customers are encouraged to give you their business over other companies of similar products or services that do not volunteer as much time, money, or products for the greater good.

1) Donate your products or services.  Improve and increase your presence in the community by offering to donate your products or services to various groups or organizations in your area. Choose organizations that can benefit from the products or services you have available, like donating groceries for a local food drive if you operate a supermarket, or offering to donate your tools, time and talents to the Habitat for Humanity if you own a construction company.

2) Launch a local public benefit. Take charge and get involved in your community by planning a local public benefit that encourages neighbors and friends to become equally involved in the cause you have chosen. For example, if you own and operate a clothing store, you can start a clothing drive for local low-income families. Not only will you be providing the community with much needed clothing items, but you can get other businesses involved in providing clothing, shoes, and other supplies for needy families as well as getting your products and business some free publicity.

3) Offer small prizes at local events
. Many towns and cities across the country plan local events for different seasons, holidays, and special occasions, including street fairs and festivals. If you live in a town that enjoys local celebrations, become involved in the event by offering some of your products or services as prizes such as a door prize, hosting a contest at the event where participants win products for playing games at the event, or doing a drawing at the end of the event where you give away a product or service of your choosing. This is also a great way to offer discounts to your store along with the prizes you have selected.

4) Share links of local companies. If your business has a website or blog, you have the ability to share links of local companies as a way to spread the wealth and encourage local businesses to do the same. Include links of local businesses that you have found to be beneficial to your community on your website, blog, or monthly newsletter. Local consumers will acknowledge your efforts which can increase your business, and you will also encourage other local businesses to do the same for your company. Businesses coming together to help others cause a ripple effect that benefits all companies involved in the link sharing.

5) Partner with local companies. Participating in local events by partnering up with local businesses can have a much larger impact on your community than if you did a local benefit on your own. Work with local companies to discuss how to better get involved in your neighborhood and bring together several businesses for donating your time, products and services, and organizing various events and benefits for your fellow neighbors.

Local businesses that become involved of their community for the good of the people not only gives you the satisfaction of knowing you did something amazing for the people you live and work with, but can also get your business more publicity in the process.