5 Tips to Avoid Repeat Robberies of Your Business

If your business has been robbed once before, there is no reason it won’t be robbed again. It is a common misconception that once it has happened once the likelihood it will happen again is next to none. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only does word get around that robbing your business is possible, but criminals are smart and know you may be thinking this very thing. The best way to handle it is to protect your business from repeat robberies with the following useful tips.


1)  Improve your security.  Start by improving your security. Perhaps you need an extremely loud alarm system that scares attempted robbers from pursuing the crime. Surveillance cameras and closed-circuit TVs at all entrances and exits, major and minor ones are another great security measure. They should also be installed to look over the area with your safe and cash-handling spots. Post signs inside and outside your business that says you have surveillance. This is often enough to deter them.


2)  Store layout.  Next, take a second look at the layout of your store. Cash registers should not be too close to the doors or windows, as a robber might think it is easy enough to smash the window, grab the register and run with it. Install bullet-resistant windows just in case. Some businesses are able to have a money slot, such as check cashing places and others where you handle a large amount of money on any given day. The store layout should not provide spaces where criminals can hide and sneak up on employees, in order to steal money or goods. Have high counters that prevent robbers from climbing over and grabbing money. Keep bushes trimmed and away from windows and doors as well.


3)   Be safe with your money.  When handling cash and deposits, do so safely and smartly. When making a cash deposit, never place the cash in marked money bags. Choose an inconspicuous bag or container that doesn’t make it obvious it’s filled with cash. Always have a low balance at the cash registers, making multiple exchanges throughout the day. Put the excess into a safe as soon as you can. At night, have just one register open. Leave all others empty and open, to show it does not have money in it.


4)   Be watchful when opening and closing.  Many criminals choose to rob a store when opening and closing, because they assume only one person is watching over the store, making it easier for them. To prevent this robbery, have at least two employees opening and closing the store. Train the employees to keep a lookout for suspicious activity and spot impending crimes. Always call the police if you are seeing suspicious behavior; don’t wait until after the crime has occurred.


5)   Have good lighting.  Make sure there are bright lights inside and outside the business at all times. Don’t dim the lights when closing the store, as this is inviting criminals to get away with a crime. Bright lights deter robbers, as they know others might spot them.


These tips go a long way to prevent multiple robberies. If for some reason a robbery does occur, be sure to explain to your employees they should never tell the criminal no, or try to handle the situation themselves. If they can’t call the police while it is occurring, they should do what the robber asks and then call for help after they are safe. Commercial crime insurance is essential in the event your business falls prey to a burglary.