5 Safeguarding Your Business iPad Tips

As a tablet PC, iPad’s provide many benefits when using them for business, including being small and lightweight, easy to travel with, and coming with a variety of applications to make your business run more smoothly. However, some of the benefits of using an iPad can also heighten the risk of loss, theft, damage, and data breach. If your iPad’s security is breached, or if it gets lost or stolen, you risk losing important data, financial information, and confidential customer and client information. This can be a disastrous burden on your business therefore, safeguarding your business iPad is essential.

Here are five tips for safeguarding your business iPad.

1) Utilize a remote passcode lock. The iPad’s remote passcode lock feature is incredibly helpful and beneficial if you accidentally misplace your iPad or if is stolen. Once you find out your business iPad is missing, you can set a four-digit passcode lock from any remote location. This prevents anyone who finds your iPad to turn it on and reveal its contents. Choose a four-digit passcode that would not be easy to guess; avoid combinations that are typical such as 1-2-3-4 and do not include numbers from your physical address, phone number, or pins you use for credit cards.

2) Utilize a GPS tracker device. The newest iPad’s come equipped with a GPS tracker device that allows you to find out the location of your computer from anywhere in the world. Once the tracker device is activated on your iPad, you can log into the iCloud.com website, enter your Apple ID and password, and track down your computer; from here, you are able to see its location, send a message, and remotely lock it or swipe the data. This is especially helpful if you have lost your iPad and need to locate it or if it has been stolen.

3) Limit utilizing confidential information.
While it can be convenient to use your iPad from public access spots such as coffee shops or libraries, it also poses an increased risk of exposing your confidential data to others. This is why it is extremely important that you limit use of your business iPad from unsecured networks as much as possible. If you do need to use an unsecured network for Internet capabilities, be sure to turn off your Bluetooth function immediately after using the network and only access your iPad on a secured VPN.

4) Engrave iPad with a permanent mark. By engraving a permanent mark on your iPad you are performing two important functions; identifying it so that if it shows up as found you can show that it indeed belongs to you, and enabling individuals who find your iPad get in contact with you.  Therefore, engrave your phone number and possibly your first name so that the person who found it can get a hold of you and return it.

5) Utilize a tethered lock case.
If you have a habit of losing things, then the tethered lock case can help prevent this from happening. Since iPad’s are small and lightweight, it is very easy to lose them or even have them stolen if you leave them in conspicuous locations. However, you can remedy this by using a tethered lock case which allows you to lock your iPad to another object in order to prevent it from disappearing.

The convenience of using an iPad for business purposes often makes it worth the risks, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options with safeguarding and protecting it. Since you most likely have private and confidential data on your iPad, offering it the best security available is crucial.