5 Gas Hacks to Save You Money

Gas Hacks to Save You Money

Whether you’re driving a gas guzzler or a fuel-efficient car and whether you’re dropping your children off to their baseball game or commuting long distances, no doubt you would like to save money on gas. Chances are, you would like to spend the money you save on gas on something more worthwhile. The good news is there are ways to help you conserve gas and save some extra money.

First, what doesn’t work? Don’t be fooled by the number of products out there that are so-called designed to improve fuel efficiency. Many of these products actually decrease it. Also, there is some controversy about whether or not air conditioning or the drag from open windows uses up gas.

The findings were that air conditioning will reduce gas mileage; however, keeping your windows open while driving does not affect your gas mileage, or at least wasn’t measurable, according to information from Consumer Reports.

With that said, below are five gas hacks that can save you money.

  1. Use Cash Back Programs

There are basically three different types of programs that will award you cash back for your gas. These include:

  • Gas rewards programs
  • Store rewards programs
  • Credit card rewards program

Many chains, stores and credit card companies offer great programs that provide you with discounts on your gas purchases in the future.

  1. Don’t Idle your Car Engine

You might be tempted to leave your engine running while waiting in a parking lot. However, when you leave your car idling, it wastes gas. Also, because of environmental reasons, many municipalities have put a ban on idling.

  1. Combine your Errands

If it’s possible, try combining your different errands so you can get everything done in one car trip. For instance, do your banking, grocery shopping and go to the post office in one outing instead of taking 3 different trips.

  1. Get your Car Tuned Up and Serviced

No matter how much you drive carefully or watch the gas prices, things like loose belts, oil burning and imbalanced tires will destroy fuel efficiency. You can extend your car’s lifespan and increase fuel efficiency by ensuring your car is properly maintained and serviced.

  1. Check on the Current Gas Prices

You can keep an eye on the price of gas in your local area by visiting sites like GasPriceWatch or GasBuddy. Price indexing sites like these two will help you choose which station you would prefer to fuel up on your morning commute to work to save you the most money.

If all else fails, there is always the option of taking public transit instead of driving. Cities are typically filled with loads of stop-and-go traffic which can be a huge gas guzzler when you’re stuck in rush hour traffic. Instead, get on the bus. You can also walk to close destinations which are a healthier choice anyway.

Here’s a car insurance hack: bundle your policies to get a discount. For example, you can bundle up your car insurance and homeowner’s insurance policies or your car and renters insurance policy.  The money you save by bundling your policies can be used to fill up your gas tank and more!