5 Driver-Friendly Apps to Get to Know

Driver friendly Apps Bolt Insurance

Technology is helping drivers with apps that utilize GPS and loads of other types of advanced technology. There are also other apps that do much more than give you driving directions and maps. Here are some driver-friendly apps to get to know.

1. GasBuddy

When you are driving somewhere that isn’t completely familiar to you, it can be hard finding the closest gas station. Perhaps you are running close to “E” and need to gas immediately, or you want to find the station that offers the best prices.

GasBuddy will provide both of these benefits for you. It is available for the iOS platform, working for locations in the U.S. and Canada. Entering a city and state or Zip code will give you gas station results, including how much that station is. The app is free.


2. Citymapper

If you are looking for a more advanced navigation app, you can try out Citymapper. Not only does it provide maps and navigation tools, but it also has some extra features. You can use the Meet Me Somewhere app where you let others know with this app that you are going to specific place as a way of inviting them.

It also provides the ability to save the locations you have been to so it is easy to mark it on the map for next time. Citymapper works with both iOS and Android.



HONK is an app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. With HONK, you are able to find roadside assistance when you need it. It keeps you from having to search for the nearest tow truck company or try to figure out where the nearest gas station is and walk to it.

With HONK, the app lets you look for service regardless of the day or time for things like locking your keys in the car, running out of gas, having a flat tire, or needing to be towed after your car breaks down.


4. RepairPal

This is an excellent app to have when you need to look up repair costs or find out where in your neighborhood to take your car for repairs. RepairPal is a free app, working in the U.S. only.

It is available for Android and iOS devices. You simply enter your area and basic information to find out more about needed repairs and how much they should cost. It also helps you get roadside assistance.


5. Waze

Another app that works for both iOS and Android devices is Waze. This driver app is for navigation and traffic alerts and updates, but is more of a community-driven app. If you like to help others when you find out about a secret way to get somewhere or you see an accident and want to warn others, Waze helps you accomplish it.

So, consider downloading one or more of these driver-friendly apps, then call us at BOLT Insurance Agent to talk about your auto insurance coverage or request your free auto insurance quote here.