5 Benefits of Using Your iPad for Customer Payments

Since they were released in 2010, iPads have become one of the most popular pieces of modern technology. With the overall popularity of Apple mobile devices, their ease of use, and touch screen capabilities, iPads lend numerous benefits to their users. Businesses are also starting to jump on the iPad bandwagon, finding their own advantages to using the tablet computers. It is now possible to use iPads for taking customer payments, which includes a tremendous opportunity as companies start to embark on the modern technology of mobile, touch-screen computers.

1) Saves Money – By using an iPad you already own for taking customer payments, you are saving money in a number of different ways. First of all, you’re avoiding using a cash register which takes an inordinate amount of power, along with monthly fees and the cost of printing receipts. You’re also saving money by not using a credit card machine because these also charge an upfront fee for the machine, as well as monthly charges and additional charges for each transaction.

2) Streamlines Sales Processing – Accepting customer payments with your iPad also streamlines the entire sales processing system. When you take sales the traditional way by having customers stand in line at a checkout stand, they often change their mind between walking from where they were looking at merchandise and waiting in line. However, when iPads are used, sales clerks can actually walk through the store and process transactions in other areas of the store which makes it a more simplified process for the customers.

3) Environmentally-Friendly – People are more aware than ever before of the implications that using excessive amounts of paper has on the environment. Using your iPad for sales transactions is more environmentally friendly since it is now only using less electricity than a cash register and credit card machine, but you are also not printing hundreds or thousands of receipts a day. Electronic receipts and records are used for the iPad giving you and your customers a way to keep their records without the use of paper.

4) Increases Impulse Purchases – When you decide to take customer payments with an iPad, you are increasing your overall revenue due to impulse purchases. Many times, a customer doesn’t mean to buy anything, but when they figure out they can make a quick purchase while not standing in long lines, and don’t even need to have cash with them, they are more inclined to commit to the sale.

5) Increases Competitiveness – No matter what type of business you have, you are going to contend with competitors. In order to keep up with your rival companies, it’s important to use the same type of technology that they are. If the retail clothing store down the street is making transactions easy for their customers by using iPads for sales, then you should also be implementing this process in order to keep up with them.

Operating a business means that you not only need to keep up with your advertising and managing your retail store, but also to be up-to-date on modern technology. Using iPads is for more than just personal use; by utilizing this technology in your business for customer payments, you can see an increase in business and revenue due to the simplified process.