4 Tips Safeguard Your Home if You Travel for the Holidays

secure home during holidays BOLT

When you are planning your vacation getaway, remember that an empty home is too easy of a target for burglars. However, there are some common sense approaches you can take to keep your home safe from a break in while you are enjoying your vacation.

Don’t Let your Home Appear Empty

Before you leave, put a hold on your mail and newspaper delivery (or have a neighbor pick them up for you). Have someone in place to come rake up leaves, mow your lawn, and clean your yard if you plan on being away for a longer time. See if a neighbor will bring your trash out to the curb on garbage pickup days as well as return them to your garage after pickup. You might even want to ask a neighbor to park their car in front of your home periodically.

Don’t Broadcast your Trip Online

It can be too tempting to brag to your family and friends on Facebook that you’re leaving for the week or post your beach pictures while there. This is a huge mistake and will alert strangers that your home is empty and vulnerable. Wait until you return to post about your trip on social media and let them know that you have returned.

Lock it Up

Locking your doors and windows before you leave might sound like common sense. It can almost sound insulting to be reminded since it’s so straightforward. But, believe it or not, around 30 percent of burglaries are through unforced entry where they were able to simply get through an open window or unlocked door.

Install an Alarm System

Alarm systems are great for deterring burglars. You could even get a discount on your home insurance by having a security system installed. Just about anyone can break into a home, locked or not, with the right tools. But, you can cut their time at your home dramatically with a very loud and time consuming alarm.

By taking these precautions and others listed, you can increase your odds of not having a break-in while you are away on vacation. But, if the worst should happen, at least you will be prepared to handle the situation, and you’ll have your homeowners insurance to offer protection against theft or vandalism of your home.