10 Ways to Keep Would-Be Thieves Out of Your Garage

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If you store valuable items in your garage, you may be a prime target for potential thieves. Even worse, your garage may offer an easy entry point into your home.

These 10 steps can help you make your home a safer place by making your garage a less attractive target for thieves.

  1. Cover Your Windows

Would-be thieves like to know a venture is profitable before starting a job. That means that making it more difficult to see what’s inside your garage could encourage them to pass you by.  Consider covering your windows or using frosted glass to make it harder for anyone to see what’s inside or to scope out entry into your home.

  1. Install a Garage Door Alarm

Advanced alarms can send messages to your cell phone, in addition to emitting ear-splitting sounds. It may be just enough to send potential thieves running, so consider installing alarms that activate upon entry into your garage.

  1. Keep the Door Closed at all Times

Thieves have been known to canvas neighborhoods in broad daylight before attempting a break in. Homeowners who keep the garage door closed aren’t just being safe, they’re keeping future robbers from checking out the goods before they plan their heist. In the end, it makes you a less desirable target.

  1. Don’t Store Garage Door Remotes in Your Car

If you use an automatic garage door opener, it isn’t a good idea to store the remote in your car. All a potential criminal has to do is  gain access to your vehicle, look up the address on your registration papers, and grab the garage door opener on their way out.

  1. Locked Windows Provide Added Security

If you live in or near a high crime area, you should consider installing security bars on garage windows as added protection against break ins.

  1. Flood the Place with Light

There is nothing like a bright spot of illumination to deter a thief. If you don’t want lights shining all night, consider installing motion-sensing security lights around your garage, so that the area lights up only when people approach windows, doors, and other access points.

  1. Add a Peephole

Adding a peephole to the door between your home and garage allows you to investigate strange sounds  without becoming vulnerable or seen by any thieves who might be poking around. And remember, if you see someone, call 911 immediately. Don’t try to confront the intruder on your own.

  1. Secure Valuables Inside Your Garage

Put valuable tools and equipment in locked, containers. Securing them keeps them out of sight, so others may not realize how valuable your tools and equipment are. Wall-mounted containers and tool chests work best, because they aren’t easy to just grab and go.

  1. Consider Upgrading Your Garage Door

Older garage doors lack the safety and security features available on modern doors. If your door is more than a few years old, now may be a great time to consider an update.

  1. Purchase a Self-Closing System for Your Door

If your spouse, children, or others living in your home don’t share your commitment to safety, consider investing in a self-closing door system. They are easily programmed to close doors that have been left open, ensuring the security of your garage and valuables.

Despite all these efforts to keep thieves out of your garage, break-ins do occur. It is important to have proper homeowners insurance so that you can replace your prized possessions as painlessly as possible if thieves prevail.

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