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Hi, I'm Sarah! I've been a P&C insurance agent at BOLT Insurance for close to 10 years. I know how complicated insurance can be and I'm here to make it easier for you.


Will I need to get a police report for a hit and run accident?

There are few things worse than going out to your car and seeing a dent, scrape or scratch that wasn’t there before and have no idea what happened to it or who is responsibl …

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I live on a quiet road with a sidewalk in an area where it snows. Am I liable if someone slips on my sidewalk?

Yes! This is very important for a homeowner to understand. Your sidewalk is a part of your property, and anyone who slips or trips and gets hurt can sue you for failure to mai …

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I was recently in an accident where the at-fault driver caused injuries and was not insured. Will I have to pay for my medical expenses out of pocket?

Unfortunately, even though insurance is required in all states, not everyone will carry it. And it always seems like those who don’t carry it are the most reckless! You should ch …

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